Dedicated to the study and promotion of advanced, clean, and sustainable energy sources

New Energy Movement (NEM) is a non-profit  organization founded in 2003 with the mission of education and support for new energy technologies. 


NEM believes that a transformation in the way humankind produces and uses energy is one of the most important endeavors of our lifetimes

This transformation will be made possible by exciting research and development advances in New Energy Technology and by raising the public’s awareness of its existence

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What We Are Here To Do

NEM is a platform for collective organizing at the grassroots level, with the ultimate aim of creating and supporting self-sufficient communities. To achieve this goal, it begins with raising awareness of the general public, students, energy policy-makers and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) about the existence of New Energy Technologies (NET).

We facilitate community learning sessions and organize on how best to accelerate and integrate these advances into our local infrastructure and systems because the future is us up for us to create.

We want to take back our power by learning and sharing knowledge to people thereby creating resilient communities ready for a new way forward.


Morality at the forefront

The legacy of energy generation to date has put the needs corporate profit margins over the wellbeing of the people and the environment.

Human rights and Earth’s natural resources should both be honored without compromise in the implementation of a balanced energy generation paradigm.

New Energy Technologies, devices that tap into the infinite vacuum energy, can only come into being when our thinking and structures reflect the same level of abundance. Delivering energy to ALL must be the goal that drives energy businesses.

NEM is dedicated to exploring the hard questions of how truly clean energy can be freed to the world in a way that benefits everyone, not just stakeholders.


Thoughts from experts in New Energy

History reveals that those who challenge the “scientific consensus” are typically the ones who propel humanity forward by leaps and bounds. Is there an unlimited sea of energy everywhere present in the universe just waiting to be tapped? Doesn’t humanity have the responsibility to find out once and for all? It’s time to assemble a diverse team of experts and layman from around the world to discuss, research, validate, and debate a new physics from the past with new technology to benefit all of humanity just around the corner.

Russell Witte, PhD

Professor at University of Arizona

As people realize we’re interconnected in a beneficial sea of energy, perhaps thought leaders will feel more gratitude than fear, anger or greed. We can stop fighting over resources; there’s enough for everyone when we innovate in harmony with nature. Abundance of clean, cheap, non-radioactive power sources can clear our atmosphere, protect waters and soils, help restore both ecosystems and human health and prosperity, and revitalize economies to provide jobs. Ample cheap power for greenhouses will provide food. When our needs are met, the power of love will have a chance to replace love of power.

Jeane Manning

Author, New Energy journalist

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