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Energy is not a private commodity of a few industrialists, but the cosmic birthright of all who share breath. We cannot wait for governments and systems to change; we must be the change we wish to see.

We envision decentralized economies based in local ownership over the electricity infrastructure and power. We envision 100% transition from petroleum cars to electric cars that are more efficient and clean (meaning no greenhouse gas emissions). We envision a new world where off-grid living is possible, and the 1 billion people currently without electricity may receive power to construct their communities, sanitation systems, transportation, etc. This will only be possible with a dedicated network of activists, teachers, students, workers and media with the goal to increase mass consciousness around the technology and to employ them in our communities. Without such developments, the world faces increasingly scarce energy resources and economic difficulties.

New Energy Technologies alone will not bring about the re-shaping and re-distribution of power necessary to create uncorrupted, sustainable and self-sufficient economies. However, it is an important piece of the puzzle of our evolution.

Social, indigenous, economic and environmental justice are all pieces that must work together to create a new a picture. That is why we wish to partner with diverse and intersectional movements alike, because we are stronger together.

Whether you are new to New Energy, have a deep understanding of the science or none at all, we invite you to be a part of the conversation about what an efficient non-depleting source of energy can mean for our future because it's not just about the science but how we use it. 


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