"Morality and consciousness must precede technology" - Dennis Briefer


It is clear to NEM that an elevated ethical standard around the practice of business must be cultivated. If New Energy is to make its mark on the world, only a cooperative and truly socially responsible business philosophy will allow for its success. Morality and consideration for all life must be integrated in every step of creating, manufacturing and delivering New Energy Technologies. Equally clear is that New Energy is critical to sustainable economic growth.

Our sibling company, The Nui Foundation for Moral Technology, merges morality and business “to provide a credible central organization which connects highly innovative scientists, engineers, academics and other mission-oriented individuals with powerful problem-solving ideas to materially and ethically competent politicians, financiers and business people with the resources to timely introduce Moral Technologies out into the world for the betterment of Planet Earth and Mankind.”

The Nui Foundation for Moral Technology is a Community Interest Company based in the United Kingdom. A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a type of limited company with the purpose of providing benefit to the community or to trade with a social purpose. Their social purpose is to facilitate the transition of New Energy Technologies, which they have also coined as Moral Technologies or NuiTech, into mainstream consciousness and the marketplace.

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