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The Future of Activism

Serve, not Serve yourselfRepresent, not SupplantConstruct, not DestroyObey, not CommandPropose, not ImposeConvince, not DefeatGo Below, not Climb Above

The Economics of Solidarity, Spirit, and Soul

What would a new economy look like? How can build new systems that emphasize and prioritize community and relationships? Writer Shaun Chamberlin reflects on the possibilities.

Nature’s Living Intelligence

Our Earth is alive with possibilities. Kosmos, the journal for global transformation, reflects on our own mirroring intelligence that can be used for everyone’s benefit.

Advancing Science and Technology for Indigenous Communities

In this short video, Dr. TallBear brings to light the ugly impacts Western science has had on Indigenous Peoples and presents ways of moving forward in inclusive and healing ways.

Why Decarbonization and Decolonization Go Hand-In-Hand

This episode is a deep dive into the big questions of how to solve climate change in community and with morality. The Media Indigena also delve into the importance of having an ethical and meaningful scientific foundation because of its power in translating science to policy.

On the Evolution of our Species

Dr. Sahtouris presents a new way of perceiving our economic and social systems, that is consistent with the interactive systems in Nature. Today’s energy globalization has to evolve into cooperativity, shared ownership and towards equitable distribution.

Dalai Lama and Quantum Physics The Dalai Lama has always had a scientific mind, and advocates for a unity of science and philosophy. Who are we? How are we here? Are questions that can be examined through the integrative view of metaphysics, if we so wish to do so.

After Darwin by Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris Dr. Elisabeth Sahtouris gives a framework for a new worldview, one that defines life as a divine evolutionary process. She suggests ways in which humans can evolve sustainably and more cooperatively.

The Self-Organizing Universe

This video merges science and consciousness, and describes the Universe as an intelligent self-organizing system in which everything stems from; thereby solving the “hard” problem of consciousness in science.