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The New Biophysics: A Deep Dive into the Quantum Rabbit Hole of Esoteric Physiology by GreenMed Info

Living Systems in Evolution by Dr. Elisabeth Sahtouris

Living Systems in Evolution Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD.Presented as part ofAt Home In The Universe: a symposiumon the developing dialogue between science and religionat theWorld Parliament of ReligionsCapetown, South Africa,   December 1999 As an evolution biologist, my work and passion are looking at the evolving patterns of biological living systems over time in order to make sense…
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Earth Electricity to Kill Monopoly by Nikola Tesla

EARTH ELECTRICITY TO KILL MONOPOLY The World Sunday Magazine — March 8, 1896 A Way to Harness Free Electric Currents Discovered by Nikola Tesla

Could a Little Child be Leading Us into a Free Energy Future?

The Attractions of Magnetism.Could a Little Child be Leading Us into a Free Energy Future?By Jeane Manning. Atlantis Rising, November 200(?), pg. 32.. The search for new energy technology takes us to northern Idaho to meet a ten-year-old girl who won a science fair with a battery-charging motor. She describes it as an advanced design that…
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New book Hidden Energy offers hope for a brighter future

MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release – February 2020 New book Hidden Energy offers hope for a brighter future Emotional well-being, ethics, and social justice may seem unconnected to innovations that generate electricity. However, the co-authors of Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance see such topics as interlinked, and crucial to…
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Energizing Vermont through decentralized power

First founded in 2005 as Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence, the Vermont Independent is a multimedia news forum for exploring the idea of Vermont independence – political, economic, social, and spiritual. This is the second episode of their full-length film project Plan V. This video integrates concepts of decentralization and the need for sovereignty away from U.S. imperialism…
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