We believe that the New Energy Movement's purpose is not only to mobilize activists to change their local energy infrastructure but to also change the paradigm of science through re-education and integration of spirituality.

But before we all do that we must ask why? Why is free energy possible? What does it mean for the Universe to be providing us with all we need, the only remaining component left being our acceptance and cooperation?

We believe the Universe freely gives, as does Earth. Earth's ecosystem services--the free benefits humans receive from ecosystems such as the waste decomposition cycle and global plant pollination system-- had an estimated value of $125 trillion per year in 2011 (1).

Some New Energy Technologies give 600% more power than is put in. Why?

If we return to the roots of our curious being, as children are, we can begin to open ourselves deeper into what this abundance means for humanity, for the nature of reality and thus, science.

Science is simply a worldview substantiated by observation and consensus. The great philosopher Plato maintained that science is nothing but perception. Therefore, the why will become the critical question in new science. Influential inventor Nikola Tesla also said that the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, we will make more progress in one decade than we have in all the past centuries of our existence.

Images credit: Mark Miller, Brandeis University, of a neuron and connections in the brain (L); Virgo Consortium for Cosmological Supercomputer Simulations, of the large-scale structure of the Universe (R), via visualcomplexity.com and the New York Times.

In today's education system, we are not holding space to question and explore the why.

We accept the given laws of physics and electromagnetism blindly without objection and further inspection.

So, here we hold space to ask why.

Why do physical phenomenons such as induction (a changing magnetic field that induces an additional voltage through coiled wire) exist and where does that additional energy come from?

Why do imploding microscopic water bubbles release an energy so great it damages steel boat propellers? (See: Cavitation section on Learning Resources).

Why is it that Western scientists have not been able to answer the "hard" question of consciousness, which asks how matter gives rise to consciousness? Why do brain cells look so similar to galaxies?

It may be that the Universe is all-giving, intelligent and always novel yet infinitely consistent in its laws.

We are not here to give answers, but to ask meaningful questions that may guide our imagination, our will, and the New Energy Movement further.

Because New Energy Technologies work, we must ask why.

Because we are extracting energy directly from the cosmos, we must question why and how we are using this energy. This truth invokes us to evolve into a socially intelligent and conscious society that always asks why.



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