Paradigm Shift

What is preventing us from shifting the paradigm of science?

Our mindset influences and guides our scientific world-view. Therefore it is important to accept that it is most often the conceptualizations of nature which limit understanding of it.

The insights of Quantum Theory compellingly suggest that the way we view nature conditions the way reality appears to us. It is logical to then assume that the technology we create to generate energy does not reveal the characteristics of energy so much as our current conceptualization thereof. It also follows that should the myth remain that no more energy than its so-called 'equivalent' amount can ever be liberated from an experiment, it will surely become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A significant error of perception is one which sees universal space to be empty. Whereas, it is becoming clear that space is rather the most energy-dense and fundamental medium of all, the source of all potential.

Prior to the age of Einstein and the relativistic worldview, a commonly held natural philosophy was that of the Luminiferous Aether. The nature of the aether was thought to be much like what is now known as the Quantum Vacuum -- the underlying field of absolute potential energy that unites all properties of the physical universe. Such a reservoir of unseen power must exist in order to account for the excess energy that appears in New Energy technology.

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which, as currently applied, assumes the Universe is always increasing in entropy (a measure of atomic disorder.) The assumption implicit in the 2nd Law is that the Universe is an "isolated system" into which spontaneous new energy cannot flow into. This is an assumption based upon limited metaphysical constructs, which prevents us from theorizing the planet, our devices, and you and I are as one with the rest of the Cosmos.


Perhaps more importantly, dominating social convictions that suggest there is 'no such thing as a free lunch' reinforce the view that the Universe does not have the capacity to release an overabundance of power and debt irrelevant. Whereas, even at the theoretical limit of thermal energy (0 Kelvin) there has been observed kinetic activity known as ‘zero point energy' in the New Energy field or 'vacuum fluctuations' in popular science. These space anomalies are attributed to the energy from the vacuum of space, the very fabric of space-time. This is the clearest evidence that the vacuum of space is not empty, but rather pregnant with as yet undetermined potency.

As this concept has not yet been popularly proven to have practical utility in revolutionizing our approach to energy generation, New Energy Movement strives to demonstrate an array of unconventional systems that promise conclusive resolution of any doubt. Once accepted, a new age of science may emerge.

All that awaits is a scientific renaissance that can transcend 'the known' and admit another paradigm.