Energy Abundance Film Project

We are excited and proud to partner with the Cypsela Foundation, a newly formed non-profit film production company based in The Netherlands – in creating a documentary film series about new energy! As of August 2020, we are looking to a form a core team which will work closely together in the making of this project. Included below is their call for your collaboration and support.

Dear Overunity enthusiast,

We believe that now is time to bring overunity energy into the consciousness of the many people searching for a positive turn of society. Both in- and outside the field of overunity technology, a younger generation is rising up which knows that it isn’t just about the tech: it is just as much about the level of human consciousness and awareness, individually and as a collective. We want to blow the fascinating and much needed message of overunity out into the world, far and wide, by producing a documentary series called Energy Abundance, in collaboration with the New Energy Movement.

Our goal

Our goal is to share a compelling overview of overunity in a high-quality, 5-episode, 30 minutes per episode documentary series, to make anyone who wants to create a more loving world curious about the reality of the technology that already exists and is being developed as we speak. In this way, we raise people‚Äôs spirit in light of the amazing future that is to come. Simply put: to inform, to inspire, to uplift and to motivate to spread the message. For a detailed synopsis and structure of the documentary series: see the attached files.

Our plan – the Cypsela Foundation

To manifest the Energy Abundance series, we created the Cypsela Foundation, a non-profit structure founded in The Netherlands. Through inspiring documentaries and other projects, we are showing the world that a completely positive transformation of society is not only within our reach – it is already underway. For more information, check out our website:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for devoted overunity enthusiasts in the Netherlands or abroad, who want to contribute their part- or full-time expertise to this production. We are searching for people with experience in any of the following backgrounds:

– Film production, post-production, script writing

– Financing, crowd sourcing, sponsorship

– Researching and collecting information

Does the above resonate with you, do you feel like you or someone you know can contribute and join the team, and do you want to know more about this project? Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, and we will arrange for a meeting. We would be very happy to hear from you!

With love,

Casper Boom, Isabella Dos Santos, and Karsten van Asdonk