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Saq' Be'
Saq' Be' serves to educate the public on current Indigenous struggles, assist Indigenous communities in the preservation of their spiritual traditions, and arrange for meetings and exchanges between spiritual leaders of Indigenous communities and the general public, with an emphasis on involving young adults. Saq' Be' is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in the United States. The organization's current focus is working with the highland Maya of Guatemala who's traditional ways are being threatened. Saq' Be' is working closely with Ajq'ij (Mayan Priest) in Guatemala to develop and implement programs for the Mayan tradition.

Art of Union
A Costa-Rican based retreat and mystery school offering yoga, live foods nutrition, cleansing, shamanism, prayerformance, permaculture education to there guests. The Art of Union is also active in protecting lands and building aquarian communities.