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New Energy Concepts:  There are several other nonprofits geared to education on new energy concepts.  Most of them emphasize the technical aspects for scientists, engineers and informed laypeople.  Collectively, they provide a good basic education on the wide variety of new energy concepts. Here is a sampling:

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement
This is an independent affiliate organization to New Energy Movement, created with the primary goal of facilitating the widespread awareness and use of Breakthrough Energy technology and its implications. More information here.

Brian O'Leary
This site, set up by the founding directory of the New Energy Movement, provides information on Brian's book excerpts, descriptions and testimonials, curriculum vitae, essays and cartoons.

Archives from NEM Advisory Board member Steve Kaplan

Miracle In The Void - The New Energy Revolution co-authored with Brian O'Leary
NEM Advisor Steve Kaplan's websites contain his review (co-authored with Brian O'Leary) of New Energy R&D as of year 2000 and other articles.

Infinity Energy Magazine

Through this website and bimonthly magazine, the New Energy Foundation reports some of the latest research developments in New Energy, and the nonprofit Foundation supports some of the research.

New Energy Times
The best source for news, information and general education on Cold Fusion technologies.

Colorado Energy Science Center
Assembled by new energy researcher Dr. Harold Aspden of the U.K., this site provides an excellent tutorial on new energy concepts.

Tesla Technology
This site contains a great deal of resource information for scientists, inventors, and investigators at all levels, drawn from the deep-rooted desire to see fulfilled Nikola Tesla's dream of unlimited energy... ("the best kept secret in Science!")

Paramahansa Tewari
This nuclear scientist from India has developed Space Power Generators that have achieved over-unity effects.

Institute for New Energy
Dr. Patrick Bailey co-founded this nonprofit institute in 1993, which now co-sponsors the International Symposium On New Energy, and publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of New Energy and (until 2005) the New Energy News (archives available).

Integrity Research Institute
Founded by Dr. Thomas Valone, formerly of the U.S. Patent Office, IRI hosts conferences in the Washington, D.C. area, and issues an informative newsletter, Future eNews, providing updates on recent New Energy developments and energy policy.

Global Institute for New Energy Technologies
Addresses critical, frequently politicized issues through multidisciplinary participation, independent R&D, analysis and testing, to provide credible information and innovative New Energy solutions for the critical global environmental issues of ourtimes.

Alternative Energy Institute
A nonprofit educational organization focusing on raising consciousness about the systemic approach needed for community sustainability, providing action response opportunities for individuals throughout the world.

Institute of Ecolonomics
Founded and run by actor Dennis Weaver since 1993, proffering that a truly sustainable future requires a symbiotic relationship between a healthy environment and a prosperous economy. Weaver's institute is warmly supportive of New Energy and ecological technologies of all kinds.

Wade Frazier
This extensive site explores the geopolitical aspects of New Energy and its history of suppression, much of which is based on Frazier's own extensive personal experience.

The following web sites are among the more outstanding ones prepared by New Energy researchers seeking to enter their concepts into the marketplace:

Daily 'Free Energy' News
Sterling Allen's site is considered a premier presentation on what is going on in the world of free energy.

Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden
The website of this noted New Energy experimenter, theoretician, and author follows the progress on his Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, a promising solid state concept.

BlackLight Power
Inventor Dr. Randell Mills here demonstrates the novel hydrogen chemistries which underlie his promising commercial application... a plasma cell with catalysts that could provide one hundred times more energy from hydrogen transitions than ordinary hydrogen combustion. Mills is one of the few researchers who have been funded by venture capital.

The website of leading researchers Paulo and Alexandra Correa of Canada, whose Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge reactor has repeatedly released overunity power from the vacuum.