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A central element of New Energy Movement's overall plan is facilitating research & development of unconventional energy systems.


A New Energy future will proceed directly from a demonstrable example of unconventional technology. Achievement of this milestone is of the utmost priority, and is surpassed only by advocacy for its widespread proliferation.
In our advocacy, New Energy Movement seeks to further the course of basic experimental science toward realizing a breakthrough of historic importance. While many such developments already exist in the laboratory, we intend to usher these into mainstream industrial use.

We are committed to raising public awareness of New Energy alternatives and urge the scientific community to embrace a broader theoretical model that admits of their existence. It is essential that both the public and private sector, as well as members of academe, join in calling for a deeper investigation of New Energy. There are a raft of innovations that have been given far too little attention, to the detriment of science and society.