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New Energy: The People's Movement
By Joel Garbon
"Does my vote count?" "Is my voice heard?" "Can I make a difference?"

As the November elections draw closer, it is natural for us American citizens to pause and give a little thought to our personal involvement in the shaping of our nation's policies. We've all had some doubts about our ability to influence our nation's direction. Perhaps better questions are "What kind of world do I really want?" "What obstacles do I allow to block the realization of the world I want?" With these questions, we acknowledge our power, and also choose whether we will exercise it or keep it.
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New Energy Movement Inaugural Conference Scheduled for Portland, Oregon
By Jeane Manning
Do people want to change our sources of energy and therefore clean up rivers, nuclear waste and our air? It seems many do; much has changed in ten years.

One night a decade ago, I was in Calgary, Alberta. A conference room was packed with well-dressed men and women who each cheerfully paid $35 to hear an American space scientist talk about his latest book. The author, Brian O'Leary, had earned a Ph.D. in astronomy and now held their rapt attention with anecdotes of his odyssey. He'd journeyed from the excitement of the NASA astronaut program in the 1960s and teaching physics in Ivy League universities to Exploring Inner and Outer Space - the title of one of his books.
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New Energy Movement's Comprehensive Website is Launched

New Energy Movement, a California non-profit devoted to bringing unconventional physics discoveries into the mainstream, announced today the launch of its new website. The content-rich web portal is intended as the hub of a broad-based social movement and grassroots organizational tool. New Energy Movement views itself as the public face of an emerging renaissance in energy science and technology.
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Galileo of our Time: In Memory of Dr. Eugene Mallove
By Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.

Dr. Eugene Mallove - scientist, jounalist, educator, visionary, humanitarian and friend was mysteriously murdered on May 14 during an apparent robbery in the home of his parents. He was in the prime of his career at age 56.
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The New Apollo Program
By Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.

I still see hope for us and for reversing the human-caused pollution of the Earth. The changes and adventure will be exciting and challenging for us, yet time is running out. I believe solutions are there, and can be enhanced if we transcend our denial of emerging truths based on suppressed experiments in new science, new energy, healing, consciousness, hemp production and evidence for contact with nonhuman intelligence and our eternal being. I believe we have the potential to make the needed changes, but we are going to have to let go of many worn-out, vested interests and begin to empower ourselves toward solutions.
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Our Clean-Energy Birthright
By Jeane Manning

An emerging grassroots effort intends to see oil, coal and nuclear power gradually yet seriously replaced by clean sources-even perhaps from energy found in the primordial sea of energy that supports every atom in the cosmos. Called "zero-point energy" by physicists because it causes atoms to jiggle even at frozen-solid zero degrees Kelvin, this invisible source is only one of many alternatives explored by the New Energy Movement (NEM). The NEM seeks to involve every woman, man or child who cares about clean air, jobs, sustainable communities and a more enlightened civilization.
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New Energy Technologies
By Abby Sewell

With the exception of a few right-wing fundamentalists, even politicians are no longer denying that the modern world's reliance on fossil fuels for energy is taking us down a road to disaster. Most scientists now agree that global warming is partially caused by the burning of fossil fuels1. The world's dwindling oil supply is already causing large-scale power struggles between nations; and we still have not solved the problem of nuclear waste. The need for clean, renewable energy is hardly in dispute. So it is strange to hear that some scientists believe we already have the technology to produce infinite amounts of clean energy and that this technology is not being used.
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Cold Fusion Back From the Dead
by Justin Mullins
U.S. Energy Department gives true believers a new hearing

Later this month, the U.S. Department of Energy will receive a report from a panel of experts on the prospects for cold fusion-the supposed generation of thermonuclear energy using tabletop apparatus. It's an extraordinary reversal of fortune: more than a few heads turned earlier this year when James Decker, the deputy director of the DOE's Office of Science, announced that he was initiating the review of cold fusion science. Back in November 1989, it had been the department's own investigation that determined the evidence behind cold fusion was unconvincing. Clearly, something important has changed to grab the department's attention now.
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