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In a world that is increasingly polarized around moral values, we have to recognize concerted, well-informed action is the mandate of our times. New Energy Movement advocates collective organizing at the grassroots level, with an ultimate aim of shifting the balance of power from the corporate sphere to de-centralized, relatively self-sufficient communities.

New Energy technology alone will not bring about the re-distribution of power necessary to sustainable economy. Yet, it is the undeniable solution to our present system which relies on a constant influx of natural capital (planetary resources) to maintain the expansion of debt-based growth. New Energy portends an abundant, virtually non-consumptive trend in economics that no other fundamental advance can boast. This is a function of the cosmic, rather than earthly source of New Energy, dramatically altering the impact of technology upon the biosphere.


It is an enduring principle of indigenous peoples that actions contemplated in the present should take into account the 'Seventh Generation' before they are performed. Where energy is concerned, it touches every aspect of our lives and thus requires the greatest forethought in its continued use and development.

Growing a sustainable economy is the responsibility of individuals empowered with the vision of true community. As the knowledge of New Energy is one of the most transformative resources we have at our disposal, bringing this information to our community leaders is among the first steps we can take. Also, we should challenge academic authorities to examine the evidence of New Energy discoveries, embrace broader theoretical understandings and shepherd the introduction of these technologies into society.

A cooperative economic model, one which establishes 'natural capital' as its fundamental standard of value, might incorporate New Energy as a measure of economic wealth. In other words, now it is becoming clear that energy need not be sourced only from limited terrestrial resources but may be precipitated from the quantum field of universal potential, we can say that the prevalence of New Energy technologies demonstrates a greater abundance of 'natural capital' in a local economy. Such communities that are infused with this power can rightly claim a form of basic 'equity' that others without it surely cannot.

If we want to see a fundamental shift in the power structure of this world, New Energy clearly presents an unparalleled solution. It is as if the blinders have come off, and no one can pull the wool over our eyes any longer. Energy is not a private commodity of a few industrialists, but the cosmic birthright of all who share breath. Social policy must reflect this essential wisdom, and government must uphold it or be forced by the common people to accept a more equitable compact.