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Arguably, New Energy is but a hoped-for possibility until it has taken the world stage as an article of commerce. Yet, we at New Energy Movement have begun to re-orient ourselves to this emerging reality.

Foreknowledge of the looming decline in petroleum production makes New Energy a critical element in any long-term financial planning. Indeed, individuals and businesses that do not take this into account are exposing themselves to potential disaster.

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Our commitment is the refocussing of science and industry upon the need to revolutionize the global energy infrastructure. This necessitates a primary shift in economic priorities from competitive modes of business to cooperative ones. It is clear corporations must direct a portion of their annual profits to this end. New Energy Movement is developing an appropriate policy of corporate giving that will promote a renewal of society.

As the virtues of New Energy are perceived by global stake-holders, we are prepared to act as strategic advisors for its phased introduction. Many have foreseen, and perhaps rightly so, the potential for New Energy to de-stabilize existing systems. Should this myth predominate, it is incumbent upon an organization like New Energy Movement to effectively guide the transition and prove the viability of such an historic social change.

In contrast, the purveyors of Globalism hold that the only answer to the failings of traditional capitalism is a so-called 'new world order' of centralized management. This philosophy is in stark opposition to a de-centralized liberation of communities through self-sufficiency. It is informed by a world-view that there are not enough resources to support independent democracies. While there is some merit to the idea that unprecedented coordination of the global society must evolve in this century, the world's power brokers have neglected to consider New Energy.

Building a new world must first honor the essential needs of peoples. Let us now look at the market and its constituents, or 'consumers' as the people have come to be known, from the perspective of New Energy. Once it is seen that abundance can replace ever-greater consumption, accountants and economists will have to calculate an entirely different fiscal scenario for humanity. And the rights of people to an equal share of world resources will no longer hinge on their relative economic status, but upon their access to New Energy.