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New Energy on the Centennial of Aviation
How 'Credibility' Overwhelms Truth
Brian O'Leary, 2003

The resistance to a new idea increases as the square of its importance."
- Bertrand Russell

One hundred years ago this December 17, two obscure bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio, flew the first airplane. One would think this event and many to follow would have been reported and celebrated around the world.
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How Much Has Changed in Ten Years?
Atlantis Rising
Jeane Manning, May 2004
Slightly more than a decade ago, I was in Calgary's Centre for Positive Living one night. The conference room was packed with smiling well-dressed men and women who each cheerfully paid $35 to hear an American space scientist talk about his latest book. The author, Brian O'Leary, had earned a Ph.D. in astronomy and now held their rapt attention with anecdotes of his odyssey. He had journeyed from the excitement of the NASA astronaut program in the 1960s and teaching physics in Ivy League universities to Exploring Inner and Outer Space - the title of one of his books.
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