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After the September 11 Tragedy
Foreword from Re-inheriting the Earth
Brian O'Leary, November 2002
TERRORISM, WAR, AND our unsustainable lifestyles add up to a desperate situation affecting all of us. A global governance structure of some sort will become necessary to overrule the systems we now have. We the people need to have jurisdiction over the survival of civilization while preserving the freedoms of individuals. As never before, we global citizens will need to debate a new constitution based on natural law that would remove human ecocide, excessive competition and violence from the equation. The Earth is in the emergency room and is in need of allopathic solutions, such as a solar-hydrogen or new energy economy to replace fossil fuels. We also need to ban weapons in space and limit them on Earth-before both terrorist and opportunistic economic/military threats overwhelm all of us.
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New Energy Revolution
Awakening to New Energy Alternatives
Andrew Mount, June, 2004
As America and the Northern Hemisphere nations vigorously compete for remaining oil reserves, there is a quiet revolution in progress that heralds a new geo-political landscape. Human civilization is dependent upon petroleum only because no concerted effort has been applied to the alternatives. The vested interests are, of course, reluctant to change a proven system (the fossil fuel economy) for fear of destabilizing their profitable business infrastructure. However, abundant evidence now shows that such a course will not only imperil the global ecology, but oil production will dramatically decline over the next century, negatively impacting our economic futures.
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Time for Apollo-like Research Program
Edward West, 2004
Cape Town - It is not often one meets a man whose job description once was to go to Mars. Brian O'Leary is a writer and former assistant professor in astronomy, physics and technology, a former consultant to the US House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, and a senior advisor to presidential candidates on sustainable policies. He was in Cape Town to conduct a series of workshops.
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'The Energy Answers Are Out There'
Jeanne Viall
Brian O'Leary says there are clean, cheap solutions to the energy crisis we are facing. He is on a mission to persuade anyone who'll listen that the unconventional is what just may save us.

Every day we feel the effects of the energy crisis, whether it be rising petrol prices, shack fires caused by paraffin stoves falling over, or polluted air from the exhaust fumes we breathe in. 

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Free Energy
An Astronaut's Perspective
Bruce Rawles
Brian O'Leary has the perfect credentials to compassionately question the (sometimes misplaced) authority of our scientific institutions. He asks his colleagues to be accountable for their contributions (or more appropriately their suppression of contributions) to the betterment of society, but with the most forgiving of hearts. O'Leary makes a plea for amnesty from prosecution (except in cases that violate basic human rights) for those in the scientific community, related media and other establishments who have deliberately (or otherwise) withheld information from the public out of fear of individual and/or collective upheaval. He suggests that extending this altruism to those who have (unwittingly or not) held our planet back from crucial breakthroughs is essential to going forward with the business at hand of rescuing our planet from our present self-destructive habits.
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