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The foremost area of concern today is the health of our ecology. And the overarching mandate of the New Energy Movement is to be a key force in fostering true ecological renewal.

So important is this work to our mission, that the following manifesto fundamentally informs our effort:

  1. Our Ecology, the implicitly interconnected web of life, is the source of all human prosperity. 
  • Proper stewardship of the Earth is the common responsibility of all. 
  • Energy use is the first-order of ecological stewardship in the modern day. 
  • Traditions which honor nature as an incarnation of the Divine are essential templates for a sustainable world culture. 
  • Those who demonstrate a gross disregard for the health of natural systems are committing genocide and should have their crimes judged in the Court of public opinion. 
  • A new energy future hinges on the development of collective moral force that insists on an end to destructive practices. 
  • Power to guide the course of society must be vested in the hands of those who demonstrate superior wisdom in the ways of natural systems, those who obey Natural Law.

New Energy Movement has among its members activists whose tireless advocacy has made possible the Kyoto Accords and other climate change initiatives. Yet, despite this early heroism, we are now in the throes of worldwide ecological change. Indigenous people are saying they can no longer predict the weather using millennia-old techniques passed from generation to generation. A widening consensus of scientists and even corporate leaders admits that, without concerted action by the world governments, the pace of climate change will only accelerate. Unprecedented consequences for all of the Earth's people and societies will be the tragic result.


See: Apocalypse Now article
Independent/UK, February 2005

Whereas, the progressive transition to New Energy heralds one of the only comprehensive solutions leading to total sustainability. It is indeed critical to attune ourselves to the principles of the natural world. There exists a homeostasis in natural systems, one that results in renewal rather than irreversible depletion. The discovery of New Energy itself reveals that at the most infinitesimal level of its functioning, nature rests upon an abundant 'plenum' of potential energy. Indeed, such is its omnipresence that it can hardly be denied as the organizing force behind all phenomena. This being the most logical case, why would we insist, as in conventional thermodynamics, upon the inevitability of total resource depletion?

There must be in the mind of man a sort of fundamental 'disconnect' with the ecology. We do not realize that this same abundant energy dwells within the very electrons and atoms of which we are composed. Verily, even after our consciousness has left the body, it persists in its elemental state, returning to balance with the ecology. What is it in our make-up, in our attitude toward the environment that puts us at cross-purposes with natural systems?

We propose that it is the sense we can live autonomously from the ecology, creating our own blindly erected edifice of security, that puts us at the crossroads we now face. We suggest that this was a mostly innocent error, encouraged by the age of science which emboldened man to pursue his every whim with presumed impunity. Yet, now are learning the limits of growth. And, quite incredibly, we have at the same time discovered that nature is replete with an inexhaustible resource -- the Quantum Vacuum Energy. Our only task in the preservation of the ecology, and the restoration of original balance, is to exploit this discovery to its ultimate conclusion...

One of the great modern champions of sustainable development is the Canadian Ecologist David Suzuki. Please visit his website for deeper insights into how one may practically honor one's connection to Nature, thereby ensuring a healthy future for all. (davidsuzuki.org)

Yet even conservation and holistic environmental practices are but the underpinnings of a world ecological revolution engendered by the advent of New Energy. (Read more in the section entitled sustainable future)